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double storey extension

While it may initially seem daunting, a two-storey extension offers the benefit of doubling the space you'd gain from a single-storey extension, often at a lower cost per square meter.

This consideration could prove financially advantageous compared to purchasing a larger property.

Two-storey extensions don't just provide additional living space; they can also add extra bedrooms.

On the first level, they can address issues such as a congested kitchen, a lack of accessibility to the garden, or compartmentalized rooms where a more open-plan design would enhance living conditions.

On the upper level, a two-storey extension can help correct the imbalance between the number of bathrooms and bedrooms.

Hepburn Daoudi Architects can demonstrate how two-storey extensions offer a cost-effective expansion method, presenting a viable alternative to relocating when you require more space.

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