Core values

Sustainable Design

We’re passionately committed to designing structures that complement the environment and promote sustainability. We believe in responsibly using resources to ensure a thriving planet for future generations.


We are not just architects but also innovators. We strive to push the boundaries of conventional design, pioneering new concepts that blend form, function, and futuristic vision.


Architecture is a collective endeavour, and we thrive on collaboration. Our team works synergistically with clients, communities, and each other to achieve shared goals.


Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Every project we undertake is characterized by meticulous attention to detail and a deep-rooted desire for top-quality delivery.


We conduct business ethically and honestly, maintaining transparency and accountability in all our interactions. Integrity is not just a buzzword to us but a way of life.

Cultural Sensitivity

We respect and incorporate our design spaces’ cultural, historical, and societal contexts. Our architectural creations aim to enhance the social fabric of their respective communities.


We put our clients at the heart of every project, ensuring we deliver personalized solutions that meet their unique needs, aspirations, and budget constraints.

Life-Long Learning

As a dynamic architectural firm, we embrace continuous learning and professional development to keep abreast of evolving trends, technologies, and architectural best practices.


About our values

At Hepburn Architects, we redefine architecture through a lens of sustainability and innovation. Our ethos is grounded in the harmonious integration of environment-friendly designs with cutting-edge creativity. Each project is a symphony of collaboration and precision, reflecting our unwavering dedication to excellence and ethical integrity. 

We embrace the unique cultural narratives of our communities, crafting spaces that resonate deeply with their surroundings. Central to our approach is a relentless focus on our clients’ visions, ensuring personalized, impactful solutions.


Meet your team


David Hepburn

David graduated from Manchester School of Architecture in 2006. Since graduating he went on to complete his part 3 and became a fully qualified architect in 2010. ​David has a passion for sustainability and has extensive experience in residential architecture having spent many years in this sector as well as in education and healthcare projects.


Join the team

At Hepburn Architects, we are constantly on the lookout for skilled and innovative individuals to join our team of experts. If you believe that you possess the qualities we are seeking, kindly send your Curriculum Vitae as well as samples of your work and experience to us.